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Will writing benefits: Reducing execution cost, Time, Benefits to right beneficiaries, Reduce family relationship conflict and etc...! (写平安纸(遗嘱)的好处: 减少执行成本,时间,资产给予正确的受益人,减少家族关系冲突等.....!)



The Importance of Will Writing (Special Offer For Investor Only!)

You need a Will if you want to:

  • Direct what happens to your estate when you pass away so that you choose who benefits.
  • Appoint guardians if you have children who are under the age of 18.
  • Decide who will deal with the administering of your estate?
  • Protect your estate for those you wish to benefit?
  • Reduce your Inheritance Tax bill
  • Protect against long term case fees
  • Do you know the importance of Residual Clause?

Some things you should know or consider before you plan to write a Will:

  • Who will be your Executors?
  • Who will be your Trustees?
  • Do you have children under 18? If so have you thought about guardians?
  • If you need guardians will they need access to any money or token given?
  • Who will be your beneficiaries?
  • Would your beneficiaries benefit from a Trust?
  • Do you want to leave any specific gifts to anyone?
  • Do you want to leave any specific gifts to charities?
  • Where is the good and safe storage place?
  • Have you considered your funeral wishes?

It will also make it easier for your loved ones to deal with your affairs when you are gone. Dying without a Will adds all sorts of complications to the administration of an estate and can increase the cost and work involved for the executors.

Will Writing Summarized Info, [More Detail...]

Competitors Analysis (For Reference Only!)

Competitor# 1
Competitor# 2
Law Firm
Set-up fees RM 300 RM 350 RM 400 & above RM 500
Corporate Executor RM 100 Free N/A Discount RM 50
Custody services

RM 100 p.a or

RM 1,000

Free N/A Free
No. of clauses Up to 10 clauses only Unlimited clauses Limited clauses Unlimited clauses
Executors fees

1st 1 million = 2%

Next 1 million = 0.5%

Next 10 million = 0.1%

Min. fees = 2% or RM 5K

*Charge annually after testator's demise

Up to 4%

*Depending on the types & value of asset (Sect 17 & 13)

(Sect 8)


1st 1 million = 1%

Remaining = 0.5%

Min. fees = RM 3K

*One time charge only

Testamentary Trust (TT) Service

  1. Trustee set-up fees: From RM 100 to RM 300
  2. Movable porperties (on the market value)
  • 1st RM 1 million: 0.5% per annum
  • Exceeding RM 1 million: 0.25% per annum

3. Immovable properties (on the annual gross rental income)

  • 1st RM 50,000: 5% per annum
  • Exceeding RM 50,000: 3% per annum

Note: A minimum fee of RM 1,500 per annum will be applicable.


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