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ACE TECH Trading Logo Interpretation

Three Circles: It is representing our new business transformation strategy through Intranet, Internet, and Extranet.

Three Dots: It is representing our unity and focusing on product quality, customer service quality, and employee relationship management.

ACE Spade: It is representing our competitive advantage towards market leader.

Orange color: It is representing aggressiveness, dynamics and forward looking.

ACE TECH Trading Management Team

  • ACE TECH management team consists of different type of professional and experienced people. They are involving in different type of business processes, such as functional and operational management, especially for the vertical and horizontal management process work flow (Business Process Re-engineering).
  • Supply chain management (SCM) work consists of material, product and service sourcing and planning. Besides of the primary work role, the SCM people also invovles in strategic marketing planning, procurement and business collaboration work.
  • Regional sales department (RSD) is involving of sales disturbution network, customer service, and pre-sales process re-engineering.
  • Logistic and shipping management (LSM) is involving in in-bound and out-bound distribution network to acheive JIT requirement.





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