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Lubricant Oils Information

It main function of lubricant oil is to lubricate every moving part of your engine or machine with a protective film that reduce friction.

If the lubricant oil has at least four other duties, and failure to perform them all can seriously reduce the performance and life of your engine or machine.

The lubricant oil can clean your engine. Gasoline and diesel engines can produce soot, ash, acids, and moisture which from sludge, varnish, and resins. If they collect on critical engine parts, it means serious trouble. A quality of lubricant oil keeps them suspended until filtered out or drained away when you change your oil.

Next, oil seals microscopic hills and valleys on piston rings and cylinder walls. Without proper sealing action, you'll lose power and waste fuel.

The lubricant oil also protects your engine against rust and corrosion.

Finally, oil cools vital parts such as camshaft, rods, pistons that the engine coolant in your radiator cannot reach. As much as 40% of the cooling job in your engine is performed by the oil in your crankcase.


API (America Petroleum Institute)

The API information normally can be found on the front label of most high quality lubricant oil.

With so much depending on your oil's performance, it's important to select the right oil for your engine's needs. The API information identifies oils which have passed a comprehensive series of performance tests and performance audits.

The tests verify the ability of the oil to perform vitally every task expected fo it in your engine, from minimizing engine wear and tear to preventing corrosion and the build-up of deposits. By choosing oil with the API information is given, you can extend the life of your engine, reduce the chance of engine failure, and help maintain emission standards to fight pollution. API certified lubricant oils are recommended for passenger car engine in most parts of the world. In Europe, a different system is used for passenger car oils and the same is true for heavy duty truck engine oils everywhere.

The two letter combinations such as "SJ" identify the type of engine oil is designed for and the performance rating of the oil. "S" ratings mean the oil is suitable for gasoline engines, and "C" ratings such as CH-4 designates oil for diesel engine.

"Energy Conservating" wording may be shown on the bottle as well to identify the lubricant oils which have been proven in laboratory tests to help reduce fuel consumption compared to standard reference conditions.

Detailed information about the quality of your engine oil is contained in the API and SAE

Which SAE stands for Society of Automotive Engineer

You may search any respective product with its registered API and SAE information from the EOLCS License Directory to ensure you are getting the quality product from your suppliers and eliminate counterfeit product.

For more understanding about API, you may send your enquiry to [email protected]





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