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Speaking of Engine Treatment Oil

Most oils look, feel, and smell the same but their performance can be vastly different, due to special additives added in together for better protection and thermal stability.

Additive suspend dirt, inhibit foam, improve cold-weather flow, prevent corrosion, reduce friction, and add other qualities.

Many special additives or oil treatments are sold separately as brand names and promise longer life or extra performance for your engine.

If you are not using a good quality of lubricant oil, choosing a good engine treatment oil will help your engine for better protection.

We believe choosing the best quality oil, you can afford and changing it according to its oil change interval time, it is wiser in the long run for total protection.

We are offering one of the highest quality of engine treatment oils with money back guarantee as well.

Brand name : Moly Guard (MG)

Product : Pro 2000 Engine Protector (265ml)

Quantity: 36 bottles/carton

Carton Dimension: W 265mm X H 205mm X L 454mm

—100% bleeds with Olefin Copolymer (OCP) & Premium Quality Base Oil.

Latest Nano Technology

Excellent Oil Stabilizer

Made in U.S.A.

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