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Benefits of Formula ACE
In addition to increased mileage Formula ACE added to fuel boasts other benefits such as increased power, engine life, and performance. Less unburned fuel going past the rings keeps the rings and engine oil in far better condition.

A tiny bit of Formula ACE in diesel fuel can stop the black smoke when the rack is all the way at full throttle. You will notice that the exhaust soot will be greatly reduced and your truck or car runs smoother.

Formula ACE reduces the formation of water-ice crystals in below-zero weather which can damage the fuel filter. Change that fuel filter every year to protect injectors.

There are no known bad effects and every good reason to use Formula ACE in your fuel. I have never seen a problem with Formula ACE, and I have used Formula ACE in gasoline and diesel fuel and in jet fuel (JP-4) for 50 years. I have rigorously tested fuels independently (with burns all over me) and am considered an authority on this important subject.

No Issues with the Engine Parts
I have soaked carburetor parts in Formula ACE for months and even years to see if there is any deterioration. Any parts made to run with gasoline will work with Formula ACE just fine. I presently have parts soaking in 1, 2, 5, and 10 % Formula ACE/gasoline mixes as well as just gasoline. Under the 20 to 200 times too much driving vibration, the fuel hose 30R7 rated parts are in perfect condition. All my tests have been run with Texaco gasoline. I tested the gas stations in my area to FIRST find the best gasoline BEFORE putting Formula ACE in the tank. But I have no idea from a pragmatic view what other gasolines do except that when I attempt to use them, my MPG(Mileage Performance Guage) drops like a rock. So for purely monetary reasons, I run the best available gasoline. For a long distance driving, you will feel the significant cost saving in petrol usage.

Market Point of View
Questions asked of someone in the petroleum industry regarding Formula ACE will often automatically trigger a string of negative reactions and perhaps false assertions. We may have heard them all. The mere mention of this additive represents such a threat to oil profits that you may get fabricated denials against the successful use of Formula ACE in fuels.

The author has never found any valid reason for not using Formula ACE in gasoline or diesel fuel. Plus it takes such a tiny amount to work. No wonder they fear this additive.

Please refere to the graph shown below to understand more:-

Formula ACE - Fuel Saving Additive

-100% refined crude oil components

-Suitable for gasoline and diesel engine

-Increase engine performance

-Incrase engine longevity

-Incrase fuel efficiency from 15% to more than 35*

-Reducing hydrocarbon emission up to 60% (Environment friendly)

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