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Sharlu Transmission Oil & Brake Fluid Product Line

Sharlu Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) DEX III can be used in passenger car manual transmissions, trucks, and buses, off-highway construction/mining equipment, agricultural equipment, mobile hydraulic systems, industrial machinery, and power steering systems where DEXRON® II, III, MERCON® V type automatic transmission fluids are specified.

Type of Product
Prodcut Description
208L, 18L & 4L  
    Universal ATF DEX II 4L  
2 MANUAL MP Gear Lube GL5 90 208L, 18L & 5L  
    MP Gear Lube GL5 140 208L & 18L  
    EP Gear Lube GL4 80W-90 208L, 18L & 4L Lab Test Info
    EP Gear Lube GL5 85W-90 18L  
    Gear Guard 320 208L  
    Gear Guard 220 208L  
 3 BRAKE FLUID Universal HD Brake Fluid DOT 4 250ml & 500ml  
    Super Brake Fluid DOT 3 250ml & 500ml  

Benefits of Sharlu DEX III
• Sharlu ATF DEX III without the use of ATF supplements – inventory optimization
• Anti shudder protection
• Can be used in most vehicles
• Oxidation and thermal stability
• Excellent cold temperature flow properties
• Year-round performance to assure long equipment life
• Protects components from harmful attacked by corrosive acids
• Excellent compatibility with seal materials to prevent transmission leaks
• Outstanding anti-wear performance for optimum protection of transmission parts

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