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Speaking of Fuel Additive(Combustion Chamber Cleaner)

Complete vaporization of fuel is far from perfect in today's cars and trucks. A certain amount of residual fuel in most engines remains liquid in the hot chamber. In order to be fully combusted, the fuel must be fully vaporized.

Surface tension presents an obstacle to vaporization. For instance the energy barrier from surface tension can sometimes force water to reach 300 degrees Fahrenheit before it vaporizes. Similarly with gasoline.

Formula ACE drastically reduces the surface tension. Most fuel molecules are sluggish with respect to their natural frequency. Formula ACE has an inherent molecular vibration that "stirs up" the fuel molecules, to break the surface tension. This results in a more complete vaporization with other factors remaining the same. More complete vaporization means less wasted fuel, hence the increased gas mileage from the increased thermal efficiency.

That excess fuel was formerly wasted past the rings or sent out the tailpipe but when mixed with Formula ACE gets burned, though the engine still thinks it is running straight gas.

Formula ACE allows gasoline or diesel to behave more like the ideal automotive fuel which is PROPANE. The degree of improved mileage depends on how much unburned fuel you are presently wasting. You might gain 15 to 35-percent better economy from the use of Formula ACE. Sometimes even more.

Please refers to the graph shown below to understand more:-

Formula ACE - Combustion Chamber Cleaner

-100% refined crude oil components

-Suitable for gasoline and diesel engine

-Increase engine performance

-Incrase engine longevity

-Incrase fuel efficiency from 15% to more than 35*

-Reducing hydrocarbon emission up to 60% (Environment friendly)

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The current market price is 10c.c/RM 1.00

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